Inabel Emelita Wasig Towels

Inabel Emelita Wasig Towels

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Emelita wasig multipurpose towel can be used as an accessory for your bed, couch or sofa. They can also be used as a table cover, bed runner, or as a beach shawl or small travel blanket to keep you warm.

Some part of the weft of this towel is a bit thicker to create a raised or ribbed-like design. Other colors to follow.

It was named after the loom operator who won the "Most Improved Abel Product" which was conducted in 2017 at Bangar, La Union, which was organized by our LGU.

- measures approx. 30in x 61in.
- 100% handloom woven with hand-tied fringe
- can be hand or machine washed
- material is polycotton blend